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Missing teeth can be embarrassing, causing people to hide their smile and lose their self-esteem. The space created by missing teeth can easily become infected with bacteria, causing other teeth to shift out of place, and making it difficult for people to speak or eat correctly.


The Team at Sunrise Emergency Dentist of Salem and the staff at Sunrise Emergency Dentist of Salem are sensitive to the hardship a missing tooth can create. We provide dental implants so that our patients can regain their self-confidence, improve their health, and approach life boldly.

Installing implants is a complex procedure and patients throughout the 97301 area trust us to replace their missing teeth due to the stellar reputation of The Team at Sunrise Emergency Dentist of Salem. We know that there are multiple dental providers to choose from so The Team at Sunrise Emergency Dentist of Salem and the staff at Sunrise Emergency Dentist of Salem are constantly looking for ways to improve the overall experience of our patients. Our office is conveniently located in Salem and we treat patients throughout Oregon, offering them the opportunity to restore missing teeth in a way that looks natural and beautiful.

The Process of Installing Implants


If one or more of your teeth have fallen out, you may qualify for dental implants as a way to permanently replace the missing teeth. In order to find out, schedule an appointment with our Salem dentist office by calling 503-391-8920 . The Team at Sunrise Emergency Dentist of Salem will examine your mouth and jawbone to determine if the procedure is right for you. Before you can get started, your gums need to be healthy, and your jawbone needs to be strong. If, The Team at Sunrise Emergency Dentist of Salem identifies any cavities or signs of gum disease, this will need to be treated first.

Once you are cleared for the procedure, the staff at Sunrise Emergency Dentist of Salem will take an impression of your mouth so that the new teeth can be created in a dental lab. Each tooth will be made to match the size and shape of the surrounding teeth along with having a perfect color match. This way your smile will appear completely natural once done. Patients throughout OR are delighted with the results since no one can tell the difference between which teeth are real and which ones are synthetic.

Teeth restored with implants can’t get cavities! A replacement tooth, or crown, doesn’t decay like a natural tooth, but you still must brush, floss and care for it and your surrounding natural teeth and gums in the same manner as natural teeth. Regular professional cleanings and dental check-ups also are essential.


Caring for Dental Prosthetic and Implants

Once implants have been installed, they are extremely easy to care for. We hear from patients throughout Salem with questions that range from “Do implants come out” and “How do I brush my teeth”. The answer is fairly simple. Since dental prosthetic are installed by creating a synthetic root system, they are durable and secure and will not fall out or become loose. This means you can go play basketball, run in a 10k, and wrestle with your kids – without worrying about your tooth coming out.

In order to care for your implants, we advise patients throughout Salem to brush and floss their teeth throughout the day like they normally would. Additionally, it is important to schedule dental exams and cleanings with The Team at Sunrise Emergency Dentist of Salem at least twice a year. The staff at Salem Dental will help to clean your teeth and ensure that they stay healthy. This step is incredibly important because while dental prosthetic cannot become infected themselves, the teeth around them can. If, in the future, you suffer from a severe case of gum disease or a dental abscess, the infection can spread into your jawbone. This puts your implants in jeopardy because in order to stay secure, the jawbone must be in good health. If it becomes infected, your dental prosthetic and all of your teeth will be in jeopardy.

If you currently have implants and your teeth start to hurt, call 503-391-8920 to schedule an appointment immediately. This way we can identify any infection and treat it before it can spread into the jawbone. As long as you follow these simple preventative care steps, your implants and natural teeth should remain in good health.